About VTS Computing: Custom-Built PCs

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Innovative and effective solutions

In many industries, an organisation’s efficiency, quality of output, and service provision rely heavily on its IT system. Inadequate, incompatible or inefficient software and hardware (individually or in combination) can cause poor performance.

At VTS, we believe in aiding organisations to reach their full potential by designing and building bespoke workstations that enable their business to flourish. Increasing efficiencies, maximising productivity, and utilising an organisation’s full capacity is at the core of what we do.

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Excellence at every stage

Not only do we deliver exceptional solutions to our clients, but we are committed to excellence at every stage.

Taking time to diagnose the core issues facing our clients – whether they be budget challenges, unusual software requirements or limited space – is the crucial first step in our process.

Using the information we gather from this consultation allows us to design and build the right IT system for your business, meeting your requirements and enhancing your capabilities.

Our custom-built computers for advanced 2D CAD, high-end 3D modelling, and photo rendering, and gaming are unmatched in the market, and our ongoing support services ensure that they remain that way. Utilising industry-leading hardware that is both compatible and optimised for your software needs, we ensure peak computational power and performance.

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A team of experts

At VTS Computing, our skilled engineers and specialist computer designers are passionate about identifying, designing, and building the right workstation to support your business.

With years of practical experience in designing and installing custom computers for industry applications, our team provides the full lifecycle of service, from initial consultation and diagnostics, through to installation, testing, and ongoing support.

As our co-founders lie on both sides of the user-provider divide, we have a unique advantage in understanding both the day-to-day challenges facing clients and the plethora of remedies available. We utilise this combined skill set to solve the issues our clients face.

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Partnering with you

We understand that not all organisations are created equal – every business has unique challenges and opportunities that set them apart. Central to our service is designing innovative solutions that maximise your IT investment, both in the short and long term.

At every stage of our process, we work in partnership with our clients to continuously deliver outstanding results. Much like technology, our relationships with our clients are dynamic and ever-evolving, shifting to meet demands and opportunities.

Are you ready to start the conversation?

Our expert team will work with you to determine exactly what your business needs for optimal productivity. When you are ready to upgrade your CAD workstations, contact us for a no obligation chat.


Architecture & Design

Bring your designs to life with increased depth, richer texture and life-like visuals.

Engineering & Construction

Improve capacity utilisation and output productivity with high-speed rendering.

Machine Learning

Robust solutions that provide the extensive processing and storage needs


Experience enhanced gaming with faster reaction times and higher-resolution imagery.

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