Custom Rendering Computers:
Powerful and Efficient Bespoke PCs

From architecture and design, to engineering and manufacturing, 3D rendering has changed industries, simulating real-world environments that are rich in texture, realism, and depth.

But in order to experience the true benefits of 3D rendering software, a custom rendering computer is essential… no matter your industry or application.

Technicians are repairing the computer

Every piece of the puzzle

3D rendering is a resource-intensive process that demands multiple components operate in unison. If just one of these components is underperforming, lag or delay can affect your rendering experience.

When we custom-build each of our bespoke PCs, we ensure sufficient memory capacity, software compatibility, optimised program settings, and superior GPU and HDD/SDDs, with each of these components working seamlessly together.

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Premium hardware and software

At VTS Computing, we only use industry-leading components in our custom builds. We take no shortcuts in time or money, so we can guarantee what we deliver is better than any PC you will find in the market.

Tailored to suit the necessary software and its parameter settings, rendering engine and resolution factors, our custom rendering computers are unmatched in quality and efficiency.

Programmers working as team to find solution to problem

Customised at every stage

The first stage of our proven process – consultation and diagnostics – establishes the requirements of your workstation, so we can tailor an innovative solution for your application.

We take all aspects into consideration, including motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU, and software requirements, to design a system that optimises efficiency, productivity, and capacity utilisation.

Our expert team provides installation and testing of your customised modelling computer, as well as ongoing service and maintenance, to ensure you continue to experience the highest standard of workstation performance.

Let VTS Computing improve your business

Here at VTS Computing, we can help determine exactly what your business needs to be working at its optimum level. When you are ready to upgrade your computer system, contact us for a no obligation chat.


Architecture & Design

Bring your designs to life with increased depth, richer texture and life-like visuals.

Engineering & Construction

Improve capacity utilisation and output productivity with high-speed rendering.

Machine Learning

Robust solutions that provide the extensive processing and storage needs


Experience enhanced gaming with faster reaction times and higher-resolution imagery.

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