Benefits of custom CAD workstations

Female Mechanical Engineer Designs 3D Engine on Her Personal Computer

Workstations used for computer assisted design (CAD) require a number of compatible hardware and software components, just to achieve adequate results. But with a custom CAD workstation, you can enjoy a number of benefits that produce an increase in productivity, quality and efficiency.

In many industries, an organisation’s efficiency, quality of output and service provision rely heavily on its IT system. Inadequate, incompatible or inefficient software and hardware (individually or in combination), can be tantamount to poor performance.

Employee doing a CAD in a desktop

Eliminate wasted time, resources and money

At VTS, we believe in aiding organisations to reach their full potential by designing and building bespoke workstations that enable their business to flourish. Increasing efficiencies, maximising productivity and utilising an organisation’s full capacity is at the core of what we do.

Man helping his colleague in doing a CAD work

Increased rendering power, memory and storage

Delivering significantly more rendering power, custom CAD workstations allow users to increase scene fluidity, as well as expanding project scale across a multitude of software platforms. Even the most complex designs can be achieved effortlessly and reliably.

Whether you’re loading a large and complex design, high-resolution imagery or opening a new program, inadequate storage can jam even the fastest CPU or GPU. Project speed, production efficiencies and scene complexities can also be greatly impacted by insufficient memory capabilities.

A custom-built CAD workstation can not only support your memory requirements to allow for effortless compositions, but can also offer a selection of fast and reliable SSD storage solutions that will allow you to produce more… in less time.

Engineer working on a two Monitor Screens Show CAD Software with 3D Prototype

Tailor made solutions

Professionals who work with CAD need the ability to switch between applications, tasks and programs quickly and efficiently. With standard ‘off-the-shelf’ computers, often this multitasking can lead to severe lag time or even system crashes.

With a custom CAD workstation, we establish the required performance and power necessary, and take all aspects of hardware compatibility into consideration, including motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU, to design a system that optimises efficiency, productivity and capacity utilisation.

We take the time to assess your resources, space and facilities to ensure that your custom CAD workstation is built to allow optimal airflow, workspace comfort and longevity of your system.

Our expert team of technicians will install your system to reduce downtime and ensure performance is optimised from day one.

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Let VTS Computers improve your business

Here at VTS Computers, we can help determine exactly what your business needs to be working at its optimum level. When you are ready to upgrade your computer system, contact us for a no obligation chat.

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