Custom Gaming PCs:
Fast, High-Resolution Gaming Computers

As gamers ourselves, we understand how the quality of your PC can affect your gaming experience. There is nothing more frustrating than lag time (or even freezing), poor graphics, and poor quality game play.

With a custom gaming computer, you can not only enjoy a PC reaction speed that actually matches yours, but experience sharper imagery and a better all-round gaming experience.

Colorful cooling system of a CPU

Built for the ultimate gaming experience

Whether you’re interested in tailoring your PC for a certain game, or there are multiple games you play, we will deliver a custom-built computer solution to fit your system requirements.

We go into the details of your ultimate gaming set up so that we can deliver the PC of your dreams. From PC location to determine whether a full-tower, mid-tower, or mini-tower is right for you, to your available power supply, we work with you, and within your budget, to determine the best gaming solution available.

Colorful Gaming computer in an internet cafe

Limitless customisation

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a custom-built gaming computer is that there is so much capacity for further customisation as your needs change.

Our service and maintenance offering allows you to upgrade your gaming PC as new games or updated gaming specifications hit the market – in ways that meet your needs and your budget. The possibilities are almost endless.

Technician plugging in CPU microprocessor to motherboard socket

Our process

From the initial consultation and diagnostics stage of our process, we establish the requirements of your gaming PC and tailor an innovative solution for you.

Our solution design is detail oriented, with every part chosen specifically for your system. We select the motherboard, RAM, CPU, GPU, and all your software requirements from industry-leading brands that are known for their quality.

Our expert team provides installation and testing of your customised gaming computer, as well as ongoing service and maintenance, to ensure you continue to experience the highest standard of gaming PC performance.

Let the games begin

If you’re ready to step up your game and see dramatic changes in your gaming experience, get in touch and see how we can help.


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Experience enhanced gaming with faster reaction times and higher-resolution imagery.

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