What is Quadro and is it worth the money?

Graphics card

Quadro is a professional-grade graphics card from NVIDIA, designed for very specific render tasks like computer-aided design (CAD) and professional video rendering, 3D modelling, animation and, increasingly, in the field of machine learning.

There is a large price discrepancy between Quadro cards and NVIDIA’s popular and much cheaper GeForce offerings, in large part due to the vastly greater levels of graphical memory they command.

In broad terms, Quadro cards are aimed at a professional market, including engineers who need custom and high-performance computers for 3D modelling, rendering and computational design, architects and designers, whereas cheaper options are pitched more towards gamers.

So is Quadro worth the extra money or would a standard option like GeForce meet your functional needs at a lower cost?

Enhanced power and greater memory

In short, Quadro brings with it the kind of computational power needed for most high functioning CAD workstations. It can perform more calculations in less time.

The extra VRAM capacity that comes with Quadro would be effectively wasted if used for current gaming functions but is of vital importance for things like 3D modelling. Rendering a 3D scene, working with wireframes or double-sided polygons will all run more smoothly and quickly, due to the raw computational muscle of Quadro.

Quadro can also be used in conjunction with NVIDIA Tesla cards for simultaneous visualisation, producing performance enhanced to a massive degree.

The clear choice of the professional

An obvious benefit of electing to use a Quadro graphics card is the compatibility that it has with other professional applications used in the areas of design and engineering.

NVIDIA has direct working relationships with a number of independent software vendors, and when considering using one it is well worth investigating which of the programs vital to your business are included.

Beyond the attraction of basic functionality, a key advantage of this is in the area of stability. The use of CAD or CAE programs like SOLIDWORKS and mission critical applications is vastly more assured, with a lower instance of crashes, using Quadro.

Reliability and durability as standard

Quadro cards, when compared to GeForce options, are also notable for fewer instances of computational errors, incorporating as they – and only they – do, error-correcting memory (ECC) to pick up and fix those errors caused by random interference.

Longevity augments the basic reliability with Quadro specifically designed for long sessions of heavy data processing loads.

That in part explains why the manufacturers offer notably longer warranty guarantees than they do for their GeForce cards.

Quadro isn’t cheap, but you get bang for your buck

As always with hardware, the choice of whether Quadro is right for you and it it’s worth the money will come down to your individual usage needs and requirements.

If you are a gamer looking for value and versatility and less concerned with more professional capabilities, then the cheaper GeForce option is probably your best bet, if cost is an issue.

However, if you are in need of large amounts of computational power for CAD rendering, professional-grade video production, 3D creation or similar applications you’ll probably want to consider pricing in Quadro for your workstation.

The price tag is not inconsiderable, but for your money, you get greater power, enhanced reliability and more rich features than on offer with GeForce cards.

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